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The Lunar Soil

A close analysis of a tablespoonful of soil from the sample gathered by the Apollo 11 astronauts at Tranquility Base tells much about the structure and early history of the moon

By John A. Wood

Tandem Van De Graaff Accelerators

Based on the principle of the electrostatic belt generator invented by Robert J. Van de Graaff in 1931, these versatile and dependable machines are ideal for studying certain kinds of nuclear reactions...

By Peter H. Rose and Andrew B. Wittkower

The Structure and Function of Antibodies

The complete amino acid sequence of an immunoglobulin molecule has been determined, defining the structure of antibodies and providing information on their evolution and differentiation and how they work...

By Gerald M. Edelman

A World Agricultural Plan

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has developed an integrated program to close the gap between the curves for food production and population growth by 1985

By Addeke H. Boerma

Free Radicals in Biological Systems

Short-lived and highly reactive, free radicals are essential intermediates in many chemical processes. In living systems radicals play important roles in radiation damage and in aging

By William A. Pryor

Insect Eggshells

The scanning electron microscope has revealed that insects' tiny eggs are structurally complex. Their peculiar architecture allows the free exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide but minimizes the loss of water...

By H. E. Hinton

Medieval Uses of Air

Technology came before science in the invention of the blast furnace, the windmill and the suction pump. Medieval workers also constructed a manned glider and a useful gas turbine and conceived the parachute...

By Lynn White Jr.

The Origin of Personality

Children differ in temperament from birth. What is the nature of these temperamental differences, and how do they interact with environmental influences in the formation of personality?

By Alexander Thomas, Stella Chess and Herbert G. Birch


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