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Lead Poisoning

Among the natural substances that man concentrates in his immediate environment, lead is one of the most ubiquitous. A principal cause for concern is the effect on children Who live In decaying buildings...

By J. Julian Chisolm Jr.

Solid Stars

Much of the matter in white-dwarf stars and pulsars (neutron stars) is under such enormous pressure that it must be considerably more rigid than normal steel

By Malvin A. Ruderman

The Iroquois Confederacy

This alliance of Woodland Indian tribes played a significant role during the European colonization of North America. Excavations in New York now cast new light on their origins and social evolution...

By James A. Tuck

The Prospects of Fusion Power

Recent advances in the performance of several experimental plasma containers have brought the fusion-power option very close to the "break even" level of scientific feasibility

By William C. Gough and Bernard J. Eastlund

Giant Brain Cells in Mollusks

Study of the neurons of a large mollusk with a stereotyped pattern of behavior yields a picture of what each cell does and how the cells interact to produce the behavior pattern...

By A. O. D. Willows

The Fastest Computer

ILLIAC IV is made up of 64 independent processing units that by operating simultaneously will be capable of solving complex problems in a fraction of the time needed by any other machine...

By D. L. Slotnick

The State of Water in Red Cells

Water in these cells has long seemed to exhibit anomalous properties. Recent studies show that it is the same as other water; the apparent anomaly arises from the close association of hemoglobin molecules...

By Arthur K. Solomon

Leonardo On Bearings and Gears

It is well known that Leonardo was not only an artist but also an engineer. The large corpus of his papers recently discovered in Madrid shows that his interest in technology was predominant...

By Ladislao Reti


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