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Performance Criteria in Building

Emphasis on how the elements of a structure perform rather than on precisely how they are built encourages new ideas in building. Such criteria are based on study of what a building's users need...

By James R. Wright

Enzymes Bound to Artificial Matrixes

A new technique imitates the way enzymes are held in place In the living cell. Besides clarifying cell mechanisms, enzymes bound to matrixes act as biocatalysts in industry and offer a new medical tool...

By Klaus Mosbach

The Therapeutic Community

In this new approach to treating mental disturbance the ward is a self-governing community. Shared values and social role-playing reinforce therapy based on open discussion of patients' problems...

By Richard Almond

Unsolved Problems in Arithmetic

It is the nature of arithmetic that it can pose more problems than It can solve. Indeed, one of the triumphs of mathematical logic is the demonstration that there are problems that can never be solved...

By Howard DeLong

Physiological Tremor

A slight oscillation at approximately 10 cycles per second accompanies the normal contraction of voluntary muscle. It appears to be caused by a "hunting" mechanism In the reflex arc that controls the muscle...

By Olof Lippold

The Magnetic Structure of Superconductors

Tiny "quantized vortexes" appear In certain superconducting metals under the influence of a magnetic field. This macroscopic quantum effect can now be studied directly by a novel photographic technique...

By Hermann Träuble and Uwe Essmann

Communication between Ants and Their Guests

Ants feed and shelter many other species of arthropods. The key to this hospitality lies in the guests' ability to communicate in the same chemical and mechanical language used by their hosts...

By Bert Hlldobler

On Telling Left From Right

Although adults seldom find it hard to distinguish between the two, children and animals sometimes have difficulty. Studies suggest that the trouble stems from the bilateral symmetry of the nervous system...

By Ivan L. Beale and Michael C. Corballis


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