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Fusion by Laser

Experiments indicate that energy-releasing fusion reactions can be initiated and to some extent controlled without a confining magnetic field by focusing a powerful laser pulse on a frozen pellet of fuel...

By Arthur P. Fraas and Moshe J. Lubin

Eye Movements and Visual Perception

Recordings of the points inspected in the scanning of a picture and of the path the eyes follow in the inspection provide clues to the process whereby the brain perceives and recognizes objects...

By David Noton and Lawrence Stark

Elastic Fibers in the Body

These fibers enable tissues such as skin, arteries and ligaments to stretch and rebound. Their two components have been separated, and their composition and mode of synthesis are being established...

By Paul Bornstein and Russell Ross

The Structure of the Proton and the Neutron

The way ultrahigh-energy electrons are scattered by protons and neutrons suggests that these "elementary" nuclear particles have a complex internal structure consisting of pointlike entities...

By Henry W. Kendall and Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky

Magnetic Bubbles

A magnetic material is divided into regions that are magnetized in different directions. These "domains" can be formed into small "bubbles" that can be utilized in a new kind of computer memory...

By Andrew H. Bobeck and H. E. D. Scovil

Endemic Goiter

The disorder has a long record because its principal sign is so apparent. it is now a disease of the poor, because an unbalanced diet often cannot correct for a deficiency of iodine in the soil...

By R. Bruce Gillie

An Early City in Iran

Tepe Yahya, midway between Mesopotamia and India, was a busy center of trade 5,500 years ago. An outpost of Mesopotamian urban culture, it played a key role in the spread of civilization from west to east...

By C C. and Martha Lamberg-Karlovsky

The Social Order of Turkeys

The society of the wild turkeys that live in the semiarid grasslands of southeastern Texas is so rigidly stratified that most of the males never have an opportunity to mate

By Allen W. Stokes and C. Robert Watts


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