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The disease can readily be treated by the replacement of lost body fluids, but this calls for effective social organization. Knowledge of how the toxin acts may point toward a simpler specific antidote...

By William B. Greenough III and Norbert Hirschhorn

A Byzantine Trading Venture

Early in the seventh century a small cargo ship went down in the eastern Mediterranean. Four seasons of underwater investigation have reconstructed the vessel's last voyage

By George F. Bass

High-Lysine Corn

As a source of protein for men and other nonrun1inant anin1als corn is deficient in the amino acid lysine. This deficiency is now being remedied by the breeding of high-lysine strains

By Dale D. Harpstead

Symbiosis and Evolution

The cells of higher plants and animals have specialized organelles such as chloroplasts and mitochondria. There is increasing reason to believe that these organelles were once independent organisms...

By Lynn Margulis

The Magnetism of the Moon

Measurements sent to the earth by magnetometers placed on the lunar surface by the Apollo astronauts reveal much about the history and present physical state of the moon

By Palmer Dyal and Curtis W. Parkin

Flight Orientation in Locusts

The locust is equipped with a sturdy "flight motor" that responds swiftly to start and stop signals from sense organs. Other elegant systems keep the insect from rolling, pitching and yawing in flight...

By Jeffrey M. Camhi

The Control of Short-Term Memory

Memory has two components: short-term and long-term. Control processes such as "rehearsal" are essential to the transfer of information from the short-term store to the long-term one

By Richard M. Shiffrin and Richard C. Atkinson

New Models of the Real-Number Line

Recent developments In mathematical logic reveal that there are a number of alternative ways of defining the continuum, or connected number system, to include all the real numbers

By Lynn Arthur Steen


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