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The Physiology of Starvation

How does the human body adapt to prolonged starvation? Studies of fasting subjects indicate how best to utilize food when food is scarce and also how protein and calorie requirements are related...

By Vernon R. Young and Nevin S. Scrimshaw

Cable Television

In two decades the system has acquired more than five million subscribers. The technology is available for the cable network to provide many communication services in addition to television...

By William T. knox

The Object in the World of the Infant

At what stage of development does an infant begin to associate qualities such as solidity with objects that he sees? Experiments with infants reveal that this occurs much earlier than expected...

By T. G. R. Bower

The Lunar Rocks

Although it is too soon for an analysis of the rocks returned by APOLLO 15, the material provided by earlier missions tells of a moon whose outer shell crystallized more than three billion years ago...

By Brian Mason

Carbon 14 and the Prehistory of Europe

Tree-ring measurements have shown that early carbon-14 dates are off by as much as 700 years. As a result the view that cultural advances diffused into Europe from the east is no longer tenable...

By Colin Renfrew

How Living Cells Change Shape

All embryonic cells and many mature ones bend, bulge, stretch out and even travel from place to place. In doing so the cells use two distinct kinds of filament that seem to act as skeleton and muscle...

By Norman K. Wessells

Mössbauer Spectroscopy

A physicist's discovery is providing chemists with sensitive measurements of the energy states of atomic nuclei, thereby supplying new clues to the architecture of complex molecules

By R. H. Herber

The Measurement of "Man-Day"

Even as machines began to replace muscles as a source of power, sober investigators undertook to find out how much physical labor a man could be expected to do in a day. The effort continued into the 20th century...

By Eugene S. Ferguson


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