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The Anatomy of Inflation: 1953-1975

An input-output analysis of the process in the U.S. shows that not all prices have been increasing. It is also possible to distinguish the effects of "demand-pull" inflation and "cost-push" inflation...

By W. Halder Fisher

New Superconductors

Recent experiments have led to the discovery of alloys that are superconducting at the highest temperatures yet recorded. Other new superconductors incorporate alloys and organic substances...

By T. H. Geballe

Prenatal Diagnosis of Genetic Disease

New techniques are making it possible to detect hereditary diseases early in pregnancy. To what extent is the control of such births justified on biological and social grounds?

By Theodore Friedmann

The San Andreas Fault

This well-known break in the earth's crust is actually not one fault but a system of faults. The break separates a northward-moving wedge of California, including Los Angeles, from the rest of North America...

By Don L. Anderson

The New Covenanters of Qumran

About 180 B.G. a group of dissident Jews founded a religious commune in the Judean desert. Careful analysis of their legacy, the Dead Sea scrolls, reveals much about their life and beliefs...

By Shemaryahu Talmon


These recently isolated hormone-like substances show much clinical promise. They affect a wide range of physiological processes, from the contraction of the uterus to secretion from the stomach wall...

By John E. Pike

The Genetic Improvement of Southern Pines

These trees are a major source of wood pulp. The best traits of trees in natural stands are now being bred into the trees of commercial forests by the application of genetic principles

By Bruce J. Zobel

The Desert Pupfish

More than 20 populations of these hardy fish are found in tiny aquatic "islands" in the vicinity of Death Valley. Isolated for thousands of years, they have evolved into four distinct species...

By James H. Brown


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