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Extending the Nuclear-Test Ban

Recent advances in seismological techniques for distinguishing underground nuclear explosions from earthquakes have spurred a renewal of interest in negotiating a comprehensive test ban

By Henry R. Myers

RNA-Directed DNA Synthesis

The discovery that in certain cancer-causing animal viruses genetic information flows “in reverse”—from RNA to DNA—has important implications for studies of cancer in humans

By Howard M. Temin

How Ideology Shapes Women's Lives

Data from a survey of college Women reveal that a woman's life goals, particularly her educational and occupational aspirations, are guided by the type of sex-role ideology acquired in childhood...

By Jean Lipman-Blumen

The Scanning Electron Microscope

The remarkably three-dimensional pictures from the instrument are made by scanning the microscope specimen with a fine electron beam synchronized with the electron beam of a cathode ray picture tube...

By Thomas E. Everhart and Thomas L. Hayes

Geothermal Power

The pressure on energy resources has generated new interest in the earth's heat. The emphasis is on exploring for new geothermal areas and developing new ways to extract work from steam and hot water...

By Joseph Barnea

The Spectrum of the Airglow

The airglow is the faint light emitted when atoms and molecules are dissociated high in the atmosphere. Its spectra yield clues to the physical conditions and chemical processes in the region...

By M. F. Ingham

Why the Stomach does not Digest itself

The organ secretes a strong acid that can dissolve metals and kill living cells. How it avoids digesting itself and what happens when the safety mechanisms fail are explained

By Horace W. Davenport

Population Genetics and Human Origins

Amid the bewildering array of early fossil hominoids, is there one whose morphology marks it as man's hominid ancestor? If the factor of genetic variability is considered, the answer appears to be no...

By Robert B. Eckhardt


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