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The Cratering of Indochina

The countries of the area are pitted with an estimated 26 million bomb and shell craters. What are the long-term ecological effects of this massive physical alteration of the terrain likely to be?...

By Arthur H. Westing and E. W. Pfeiffer

How we control the contraction of our muscles

Voluntary muscular movements are driven by a servomechanism similar in many respects to the automatic feedback system employed to control power-assisted steering in an automobile

By P. A. Merton

Black Holes

If a massive star collapsed to a sufficiently small volume, light could not escape from it. A rotating black hole could account for the radiation of gravitational waves from the center of the galaxy...

By Roger Penrose

Plate Tectonics

The earth's surface is divided into a mosaic of rigid, shifting plates. As they move apart, slide past each other and converge, new crust is generated, continents drift and mountains are formed...

By John F. Dewey

Total Intravenous Feeding

It is now possible to feed a person entirely by vein for prolonged periods. The technique provides sufficient calories, amino acids and other nutrients to promote growth, weight gain and wound healing...

By Jonathan E. Rhoads and Stanley J. Dudrick

The Planning of a Maya Ceremonial Center

The center at Lubaantún in British Honduras called for a huge investment in labor and materials. When a choice had to be made between cutting costs and adhering to the plan, the plan won out...

By Norman Hammond

Tree Rings and Climate

It is well known that tree rings reflect the age of a tree. Variations in the ring pattern of many trees in a region can be statistically analyzed to determine climates of the past

By Harold C. Fritts

The Great Automobile Race of 1895

This event, covering a difficult 1,200-kilometer course from Paris to Bordeaux and back, established the viability of the automobile and the superiority of the internal-combustion engine over steam...

By Jacques Ickx


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