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Antisubmarine Warfare and National Security

The missile-submarine deterrents of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. are not threatened by current antisubmarine technology. It is argued that this state of affairs should be maintained by the two powers...

By Richard L. Garwin

The X-Ray Sky

More than 120 celestial X-ray sources are now known; the list includes at least one neutron star, one quasar, two galaxies, one double source and perhaps even a black hole

By Herbert W. Schnopper and John P. Delvaille

Lewis Carroll's Lost Book on Logic

It is well known that the author of Alice also wrote a book on symbolic logic. A sequel to that book has recently been discovered. It supports the view that his work in logic was highly original...

By W. W. Bartley

The Chemical Elements of Life

Until recently it was believed that living matter incorporated 20 of the natural elements. Now it has been shown that a role is played by four others: fluorine, silicon, tin and vanadium...

By Earl Frieden

The Tokamak Approach in Fusion Research

Experimental studies of plasma heating and confinement in machines based on the Tokamak design, a toroidal diffuse pinch configuration, are being conducted and planned In laboratories around the world...

By Bruno Coppi and Jan Rem

Deprivation Dwarfism

Children raised in an emotionally deprived environment can become stunted. The reason may be that abnormal patterns of sleep inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones, including the growth hormone...

By Lytt I. Gardner

Experiments in Reading

Unusual presentations of printed matter suggest that reading is not simply stringing symbols together. A better description is that it is generating hypotheses about the meaning of the pattern of symbols...

By Paul A. Kolers

Escape Responses in Marine Invertebrates

Limpets, snails, clams, scallops, sea urchins and other slow-moving sea creatures go into remarkable gyrations when they are approached by a starfish. This lively behavior enables them to deter predation...

By Howard M. Feder


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