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The Wankel Engine

The demands of emission control and cost reduction are making this rotary power plant increasingly attractive for the U.S. automobile. Its proper use probably calls for a redesign of the entire vehicle...

By David E. Cole

Imprinting in a Natural Laboratory

A synthesis of laboratory and field techniques has led to some interesting discoveries about "imprinting," the process by which newly hatched birds rapidly form a permanent bond to the parent...

By Eckhard H. Hess

The Nature of Aromatic Molecules

"Aromaticity" refers to the exceptional stability of certain ring-shaped organic molecules. Whether a given system is aromatic, nonaromatic or antiaromatic depends on how many of its electrons are "delocalized"...

By Ronald Breslow

The Birth of Stars

Since stars grow old and die, they are presumably born. In our galaxy the most favorable conditions for their birth are found in the clouds of dust and gas along the central galactic plane...

By Bart J. Bok

Doctor-Patient Communication

Observations in the pediatric clinic of a large hospital indicate that the physician often talks jargon or seems not to fully heed the patient's concerns. Mutual dissatisfaction is a frequent result...

By Barbara M. Korsch and Vida Francis Negrete

Origins of the Binary Code

This key element of modern computing systems can be traced as far back as the 17th century, when Francis Bacon devised a binary scheme of lettering for encoding his secret messages

By F. G. Heath

The Neurophysiology of Binocular Vision

The ability of certain mammals, including man, to visually locate objects in the third dimension is traced to the selective activity of single binocular nerve cells in the visual cortex of the brain...

By John D. Pettigrew

Cyclic AMP

This comparatively small molecule is a "second messenger" between a hormone and its effects within the cell. It operates in cells as diverse as bacteria and cancerous animal cells

By Ira Pastan


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