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A Negative-Income-Tax Experiment

Would payments to those who earned less than a certain amount reduce their incentive to work? The initial results of an unusual test with 1,300 families indicate that the payments would have no such effect...

By David N. Kershaw

Clean Power from Dirty Fuels

Considerations of both efficiency and pollution control suggest that a major effort should be mounted to generate electric power with turbines operated on "power gas" produced from coal or oil...

By Arthur M. Squires

Life in Mycenaean Greece

When Pylos and Knossos were burned some 3,000 years ago, the notes written on clay by palace scribes were preserved by baking. These jottings provide a glimpse of how the Greeks lived before classical times...

By John Chadwick

Acoustic Surface Waves

A new family of electronic devices employs ultrasonic,waves to store electronic signals, to recognize signals, to separate one signal from another and to perform operations that usually require a computer...

By Gordon S. Kino and John Shaw

Lactose and Lactase

Lactose is milk sugar; the enzyme lactase breaks it down. For want of lactase most adults cannot digest milk. In populations that drink milk the adults have more lactase, perhaps through natural selection...

By Norman Kretchmer

The Carbon Chemistry of the Moon

Exhaustive analysis of the Apollo samples reveals various simple organic compounds. These substances did not originate with life, but they add to the store of information on how life originated...

By Geoffrey Eglinton, James R. Maxwell and Colin T. Pillinger

Teaching Language to an Ape

Sarah, a young chimpanzee, has a reading and writing vocabulary of about 130 "words." Her understanding goes beyond the meaning of words and includes the concepts of class and sentence structure...

By Ann James Premack and David Premack

The Texture of the Nuclear Surface

The nuclei of atoms do not have a smooth surface; instead of being evenly distributed the protons and neutrons tend to cluster into alpha particles, making the surface lumpy

By Chris D. Zafiratos


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