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Reconnaissance and Arms Control

Reconnaissance satellites are the chief means relied on by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. to verify each other's compliance with the SALT I accords. What bearing will they and related systems have on SALT II?...

By Ted Greenwood

The Origins of Nerve-Cell Specificity

Individual neurons differ from one another more than cells of other tissues do. Each young neuron apparently obtains a specific "address," which it uses in establishing its associations with other nerve cells...

By R. Kevin Hunt and Marcus Jacobson

Fishes with Warm Bodies

Not all fishes are cold-blooded. In some fast-swimming species of tuna and mackerel shark a "wonderful net" of arteries and veins conserves the heat of metabolism to increase the power of the swimming muscles...

By Francis G. Carey

The Chinese Language

This melodious tongue is spoken by more people than any other. Although the Chinese system of writing is complex, the basic structure of the language is remarkably simple

By William S-Y. Wang

The Microstructure of the Ocean

The temperature and saltiness of seawater can now be mapped centimeter by centimeter. Such mapping is needed to learn how the sea is so effectively stirred by the winds and the tides

By Michael C. Gregg

The Crashworthiness of Automobiles

The statistics of automobile crashes suggest changes in automobile design for the prevention of death and injury. Among these changes are a crushable front end and a reinforced passenger compartment...

By Patrick M. Miller

Metal-Vapor Lasers

Among the many systems that can produce laser light is a vaporized metal mixed with another gas. Such lasers generate continuous laser radiation at good power levels and over a wide range of wavelengths...

By William T. Silfvast

Rotation in High-Energy Astrophysics

What is the source of the energy of pulsars, quasars and other strange objects? It may be gravitational energy converted Into rotational energy as a large object contracts into a small one...

By Franco Pacini and Martin J. Rees


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