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The Task of Medicine

American medicine is traditionally geared to respond to acute illness. Now that chronic illness plays a much larger role, it will be necessary to intervene more actively in its causes

By William H. Glazier

The Molecule of Infectious Drug Resistance

R factors, which transmit resistance to antibiotics from one bacterial strain to another, are carried on extrachromosomal genetic elements called plasmids, some of which have now been isolated and measured...

By Royston C. Clowes

The Brightest Infrared Sources

Certain celestial objects radiate thousands of times more energy at infrared wavelengths than the sun does at all wavelengths. They evidently include stars being born and the debris of dying stars...

By G. Neugebauer and Eric E. Becklin

The Control of the Water Cycle

The recent emphasis in hydrologic studies on the crucial role played by the general circulation of the atmosphere has led to schemes for altering this vast natural process

By José P. Peixoto and M. Ali Kettani

Ion Implantation

Microelectronic devices are now being "doped" with impurity atoms by firing ionized atoms into the device with an accelerator. The technique offers greater precision than the older diffusion method...

By Frederick F. Morehead Jr. and Billy L. Crowder

The Lung of the Newborn Infant

Certain cells essential to lung function mature only shortly before birth. A way has been found to accelerate the development of these cells in order to prevent respiratory distress in premature infants...

By Mary Ellen Avery, Nai-San Wang and H. William Taeusch Jr.

Giordano Bruno

It is generally assumed that he was burned at the stake because he espoused the Copernican system. It appears, however, that he believed in the system more for mystical than scientific reasons...

By Edward A. Gosselin and Lawrence S. Lerner

The Energetics of the Bumblebee

The bumblebee, like many other insects, evolved in interaction with the flowers it feeds on and pollinates. This evolutionary interaction is apparent in the energy budget of its activities...

By Bernd Heinrich


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