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Public Policy on Fertility Control

In the u.s. over the past dozen years policy on contraception has been almost entirely reversed. The transformation reflects the concern of the community with population size and poverty...

By Frederick S. Jaffe

The Physics of Brasses

A trumpet produces musical tones when the vibrations of the player's lips interact with standing waves in the instrument. These waves are generated when acoustic energy is sent back by the instrument's bell...

By Arthur H. Benade

Advanced Composite Materials

Materials in which the properties of one component enhance those of another are steadily evolving. As the cost of exotic components comes down, the advanced materials will show up in everyday uses...

By Henry R. Clauser

The Immune System

This diffuse organ has the assignment of monitoring the identity of the body. Its basic constituents are lymphocytes and antibody molecules, which recognize both foreign molecules and one another...

By Niels Kaj Jerne

Meteorites and Cosmic Radiation

Before a meteorite falls to the ground it has been bombarded in the vacuum of space by cosmic ray particles. The nuclear products of this bombardment are clues to the history of the solar system...

By I. R. Cameron

The Brideprice of the Sebei

In this African culture getting a bride costs a man a substantial fee in cattle, cash, clothing, pots, tobacco, milk, beer and other commodities. To what extent is the transaction strictly economic?...

By Walter Goldschmidt

Plate Tectonics and Mineral Resources

The concepts of continental drift and sea-floor spreading provide clues to the location of economically important minerals such as oil and metals. These clues have already led to promising deposits...

By Peter A. Rona

Brain Mechanisms in Movement

The highest brain functions are generally thought to be mediated in the cerebral cortex. In the control of the muscles, however, the highest function may be served by centers deeper in the brain...

By Edward V. Evarts


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