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Defense Against Bomber Attack

Among the weapons not covered by the strategic-arms-limitation agreements are antiaircraft systems. The Department of Defense has now proposed that the nation's air defenses be modernized...

By Richard D. English and Dan I. Bolef

The Isolation of Genes

Given a specific RNA product of a gene, it is now possible to find and purify the stretch of DNA that encoded the RNA. The first genes to have been isolated are those that make the RNA's in ribosomes...

By Donald D. Brown

Experiments with Neutrino Beams

The neutrino was first detected 17 years ago. Accelerators are now producing copious beams of these particles to probe the structure of other particles and the forces between them

By Barry C. Barish

Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Technology

The MOS fabrication technique can put more than 10,000 electronic components on a silicon "chip" only a few millimeters across. Its economic impact can be seen in such devices as pocket calculators...

By William C. Hittinger

The Evolution of the Andes

The geology of the central Andes indicates that the history of the range can be understood in terms of the consumption of a plate of the earth's crust plunging under South America

By David E. James

Duet-Singing Birds

The male and female of certain tropical species join each other in remarkably precise song. The primary function of this behavior is to maintain close communication between the birds in dense foliage...

By W. H. Thorpe

The Stirling Engine

This external-colubustion engine contributes little or nothing to air pollution and is exceptionally quiet. Its virtues make it a possible alternative to the internal-combustion engine

By Graham Walker

Hereditary Fat-Metabolism Diseases

New tests for detecting adult earners and for prenatal genetic diagnosis make it possible to control the incidence of 10 usually fatal lipid-storage diseases caused by inherited enzyme deficiencies...

By Roscoe O. Brady


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