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Electromagnetic Flight

The future of high-speed ground transportation way well lie not with wheeled trains but with vehicles that "fly" a foot or so above a guideway, lifted and propelled by electromagnetic forces...

By Henry H. Kolm and Richard D. Thornton

Herpes Viruses and Cancer

It has been known for some time that these ubiquitous viruses can cause cancer in experimental anilnals. There is now much evidence that a virus of this type is also implicated in some cancers of man...

By Keen A. Rafferty Jr.

The Sling as a Weapon

This manual missile launcher is not as well known as the archer's bow, yet it was used by lightly armed troops from India and Persia to Greece and Rome and even survived the advent of gunpowder...

By Manfred Korfmann

Protein Shape and Biological Control

The processes of life are turned on and off by means of a universal control mechanism that depends on the ability of protein molecules to bend flexibly from one shape to another under external influences...

By Daniel E. Koshland Jr.

The Solar Corona

The physical nature of the sun's outer atmosphere is emerging from observations made not only on the ground during eclipses but also from rockets, from satellites and even from the moon

By Jay M. Pasachoff

High-Efficiency Photosynthesis

Certain plants of hot and arid environments have evolved an unusual photosynthetic pathway with a high yield. This efficiency could well be turned to agricultural advantage

By Olle Björkman and Joseph Berry

Auditory Beats in the Brain

Slow modulations called binaural beats are perceived when tones of different frequency are presented separately to each ear. The sensation may show how certain sounds are processed by the brain...

By Gerald Oster

Electron-Positron Collisions

When the electron and its antiparticle collide, they can annihilate each other and give rise to radiation or other particles. Such processes are currently studied with opposed beams of electrons and positrons...

By Alan M. Litke and Richard Wilson


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