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Multiple-Warhead Missiles

MIRV's increase the number of strategic nuclear weapons and now threaten the stability of the nuclear balance of power. Their history shows why they present special problems of arms control...

By Herbert F. York

Communication by Optical Fiber

Rapid progress is being made toward a system in which a light signal, generated and repeated with small solid-state devices, will be transmitted through a hairlike fiber with little loss...

By J. S. Cook

Proton Interactions at High Energies

Experiments performed in the new CERN colliding-beam accelerator have yielded an unexpected finding: In a certain high-energy range the chance that two passing protons will interact increases with energy...

By Ugo Amaldi

The Complement System

A foreign cell in the body is identified by antibody, but the cell is destroyed by other agents. Among them is "complement," an intricately linked set of enzymes

By Manfred M. Mayer

The Recognition of Faces

One of the subtler tasks of perception can be investigated experimentally by asking how much information is required for recognition and what information is the most important

By Leon D. Harmon

Hilbert's 10th Problem

Can a procedure be devised that will indicate if there are solutions to a Diophantine equation (an equation where whole-number solutions are sought)? This question on a famous list has now been answered...

By Martin Davis and Reuben Hersh

The Flying Leap of the Flea

This flightless insect can jump 100 times its own length. It does so by the sudden release of energy stored in a rubberlike protein located at the site of the wing-hinge ligament in flying insects...

By Miriam Rothschild, Y. Schlein, K. Parker, C. Neville and S. Sternberg

The Evolution of the Pacific

Deep-sea drilling shows that the bottom of the western Pacific basin is different from the bottom of the eastern basin. The slow movement of the crust underlying the basin seems to account for the difference...

By Bruce C. Heezen and Ian D. MacGregor


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