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Energy Policy in the U.S.

The President's appeal for U.S. energy self-suflciency by 1980 cannot be regarded as realistic. The long-range options that are open to the nation are here considered in a “taxonomic” approach...

By David J. Rose

Electrochemical Machining

Hard alloys are difIcult to cut into complex shapes by conventional machining. They can be worked to a smooth finish in an electrolytic cell where the hard metal is the anode and the tool is the cathode...

By James P. Hoare and Mitchell A. LaBoda

The Nervous System of the Leech

A repetitive array of ganglia with a few cells constitutes this simple central nervous system. Study of the cells' properties and connections explains certain behavioral reflexes and shows how they are modified...

By John G. Nicholls and David Van Essen

The Cell Cycle

What happens in the living cell between the time it is born and the division of another cell and the time it divides again? New methods of investigation reveal four phases in the cycle

By Daniel Mazia

The Age of the Elements

Study of the fomation and spontaneous decay of radioactive nuclei can reveal when certain of the elements were created. From this information one can infer the age of the universe

By David N. Schramm

The Perception of Disoriented Figures

Many familiar things do not look the same when their orientation is changed. The reason appears to be that the perception of form embodies the automatic assignment of a top, a bottom and sides...

By Irvin Rock

The Physics of the Bowed String

What actually happens when a violin string is bowed? Modern circuit concepts and an electromagnetic method of observing string motion have stimulated new interest in the question

By John C. Schelleng

The Astrolabe

This scientific instrument of the Middle Ages was used for both astronomical and terrestrial observations. It also served as an analogue computer, particularly for determining the local time...

By J. D. North


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