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The Gasification of Coal

This formerly widespread technology, which lost its markets to natural gas and petroleum, is now being reexamined. New methods promise an alternative source of fossil-fuel energy.

By Harry Perry

A Dynamic Model of Cell Membranes

The envelopes that surround entire cells, cell nuclei and the various cell organelles are thin assemblies of lipid and protein molecules. Their functions depend on how the membrane proteins are linked...

By Roderick A. Capaldi

The Neural Basis of Visually Guided Behavior

Techniques from ethology and neurophysiology are combined to show how an animal localizes a visual object, discriminates its significance and then makes the appropriate motor response...

By Jorg-Peter Ewert

The Chemistry of the Solar System

The sun, the planets and other bodies in the system formed out of a cloud of dust and gas. What processes in the cloud could account for the present composition of these objects?

By John S. Lewis

Inorganic Polymers

Most commercial polymers are long-chain molecules with carbon atoms in their backbone. New families of polymers with backbones of atoms other than carbon are yielding materials with unusual characteristics...

By Harry R. Allcock

Vortexes in Aircraft Wakes

The advent of the "jumbo" jets has turned the well-known aerodynamic phenomenon of trailing-vortex air turbulence into a potentially serious hazard to smaller following aircraft

By Norman A. Chigier

The Cry of the Human Infant

The sound spectrograph reveals the clear-cut differences between the crying of normal infants and the crying of abnormal ones. Such analysis may be useful in the early detection of infant disorders...

By Peter F. Ostwald and Philip Peltzman

Ferdinand Braun and the Cathode Ray Tube

The indicator tube developed by "Braun" in the 1890's leasured electrical quantities by the deflection of an electron beam. It was an ancestor of the oscilloscope and television picture tube...

By George Shiers


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