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Nuclear Strategy and Nuclear Weapons

The "improved counterforce capability" proposed by the Administration is viewed as not only unnecessary and potentially costly but also likely to undercut the SALT negotiations and increase the risk of nuclear war...

By Barry Carter

The Archaeology of Winchester

This English cathedral city was faced with the loss of its past as a result of urban redevelopment. Excavation has not revealed the pattern of its growth since its birth some 2,000 years ago...

By Martin Biddle

Visual Pathways in Albinos

A genetic abnormality in Siamese cats, white tigers and other albino mammals provides a natural experiment for investigating how the brain acquires an orderly picture of the outside world...

By R. W. Guillery

The Top Millimeter of the Ocean

Subtle events that take place in a thin film of liquid covering 70 percent of the earth's surface are decisive for the well-being of terrestrial life

By Ferren MacIntyre


Many proteins have sugars linked to them as side chains. The function of these saccharide groups is not known in all cases, but they may radically alter the properties of the molecule

By Nathan Sharon

The Particles of Wear

When the parts of a machine wear, they shed tiny bits of metal. A new method of analyzing such particles clarifies the process of wear and can give early warning of the failure of a machine...

By Douglas Scott, Vernon C. Westcott and William W. Seifert

Computer Graphics in Architecture

A computer programmed to generate pictures or drawings can show a prospective building in various settings, enabling an observer to "walk" through the scene. It can also produce detailed plans...

By Donald P. Greenberg

Deuterium in the Universe

All the heavy hydrogen in space may have been made in the first 15 minutes after the "big bang". Observations leading to estimates of its abundance thus provide evidence on conditions at that time...

By William A. Fowler and Jay M. Pasachoff


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