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Psychiatrists and the Adversary Process

How should the determination of individual responsibility be made in a criminal case? It is argued here that the facts and reasoning of expert witnesses should be subjected to close cross-examination...

By David L. Bazelon

Fusion Power by Laser Implosion

Laser-fusion schemes are based on the ignition of a pellet of fuel by focused laser beanls. For the laser approach to succeed the fuel must be imploded to 10,000 times normal liquid density...

By John L. Emmett, John Nuckolls and Lowell Wood

Population Cycles in Rodents

Field populations of many small rodents rise and fall in a cycle lasting three to four years. Associated with these fluctuations is a periodic change in the genetic constitution of the population...

By Charles J. Krebs and Judith H. Myers


These chemicals released from nerve-fiber endings are the messengers by means of which nerve cells communicate. Neurotransmitters mediate functions ranging from muscle contraction to the control of behavior...

By Julius Axelrod

The Steady State of the Earth's Crust, Atmosphere and Oceans

The main divisions of the earth's surface are linked by vast geochemical cycles to form a stable worldwide system in which the inputs and outputs of the key constituents are in balance

By Raymond Siever

Rotating Chemical Reactions

Certain colorful reactions visibly organize themselves in space and time as a spiral wave. They suggest that many other chemical reactions have a geometrical aspect that needs to be investigated...

By Arthur T. Winfree

Ice-Age Hunters of the Ukraine

In the span between 75,000 and 10,000 years ago men hunted other mammals in the rigorous environment of eastern Europe. At some sites they amassed mammoth bones to build shelters

By Richard G. Klein

Wines, Grape Vines and Climate

Why are wines so different? An important part of the answer is that the more rigorous (and thus more variable) grape-growing conditions give rise to the more idiosyncratic (and thus more intriguing) wines...

By Philip Wagner


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