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The Disposal of Waste in the Ocean

Contrary to some widely held views, the ocean is the plausible place for man to dispose of some of his wastes. If the process is thoughtfully controlled, it will do no damage to marine life...

By Willard Bascom

The Cosmic Background Radiation

The space between the galaxies is filled with radiation ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. The radiation has been generated by various processes, some of which are traced to the "big bang"...

By Adrian Webster

The Neurobiology of Cricket Song

The song pattern of each cricket species is stored in its genes. The songs are thus clues to the links among genetic information, development, the organization of the nervous system and behavior...

By David Bentley and Ronald R. Hoy

The Origins of Alienation

It seems clear that the degree of estrangement between young people and adults in the U.S. is currently higher than it has been in other times. The causes lie in evolutionary changes in the American family...

By Urie Bronfenbrenner

Superhard Materials

The hardness of a substance depends on the strength and orientation of the bonds between its atoms. The strongest symmetrical bonds are found in diamond and in the synthetic material cubic boron nitride...

By Francis P. Bundy


This hybrid combines the high yield of one of its parents (wheat) with the ruggedness of the other (rye). It now seems certain that it will compete successfully with the traditional cereal grains...

By Joseph H. Hulse and David Spurgeon

How Actinomycin Binds to DNA

The antibiotic acts to block the synthesis of protein by binding to the double helix of DNA. A three-dimensional picture of how it does so has been worked out with the aid of X-ray crystallography...

By Henry M. Sobell

The Rise of Coal Technology

The Industrial Revolution in England was the culmination of two centuries of earlier technological development whose distinctive characteristic was the widespread and sophisticated use of coal...

By John R. Harris


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