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The Metabolism of Alcohol

Overconsumption of alcohol can cause cirrhosis and death not only because alcoholism promotes malnutrition but also because alcohol and its products disturb liver metabolism and damage the liver cells...

By Charles S. Lieber

Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds in Nature

These multiple-ring hydrocarbon molecules have been found in soils and sediments around the world. They are unusually stable, and their origins have presented an intriguing puzzle...

By Max Blumer

The Meteorology of Jupiter

The visible features of the giant planet reflect the circulation of its atmosphere. A model reproducing those features should apply to other planetary atmospheres, including the earth's

By Andrew P. Ingersoll

Will the Universe Expand Forever?

The recession of distant galaxies, the average density of matter, the age of the chemical elements and the abundance of deuterium together suggest that the expansion cannot be halted or reversed...

By Beatrice M. Tinsley, James E. Gunn, J. Richard Gott and David N. Schramm

The Resources of Binocular Perception

Studies with steteograms that change at random reveal that the perceptual system extracts depth and motion information from the visual input even before we are conscious of what we see...

By John Ross

The Small Electronic Calculator

"Pocket-sized" calculators are based on a single microelectronic chip. The chip circuits and their associated components form an information-processing system of considerable sophistication...

By Eugene W. McWhorter

Social Spiders

Most adult spiders lead solitary lives. A few species, however, are gregarious and others even build large communal webs. Both degrees of spider sociality can be observed among species native to Mexico...

By J. Wesley Burgess

Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting

This new technique, which is capable of identifying and isolating closely related types of animal cells at rates of up to 5,000 cells per second, holds much promise for investigations of cell biology...

By Leonard A. Herzenberg, Leonore A. Herzenberg and Richard G. Sweet


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