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Limited Nuclear War

The U.S. may be committing itself to preparing for a war limited to attacks on military bases, with relatively few civilian casualties. Would the casualties really be few, and could the war stay limited?...

By Frank von Hippel and Sidney D. Drell

Repetitive Processes in Child Development

As an infant grows he acquires certain skills, loses them and then acquires them again. How does this phenomenon fit the concept that behavioral growth is roughly comparable to physical growth?...

By T. G. R. Bower

The Confinement of Quarks

How is it that these elementary particles of matter that explain so much about other particles are not seen? It may be that they are held inside other particles by forces inherent in their nature...

By Yoichiro Nambu

Convection Currents in the Earth's Mantle

The steady motion of the plates that form the earth's crust is evidence for convection currents on a vast scale. Laboratory studies indicate that there should be smaller currents as well...

By D. P. McKenzie and Frank Richter

Visual Cells in the Pons of the Brain

Cells in a protuberance at the base of the brain act as a major relay in the circuit that links the eyes and the muscles to guide the movements of the body

By Alan R. Gibson and Mitchell Glickstein

The Forming of Sheet Metal

How a metal behaves when it is stamped is a matter of large practical importance. Modern knowledge of the solid state is making the process less of an art and more of a science

By A. K. Ghosh and S. S. Hecker

Urban Trees

Only a few trees are suited to cities and can do well in them. The experience of cities in the U.S. Northeast illustrates how appropriate kinds of trees have been selected and improved

By Howard S. Irwin and Thomas S. Elias

An Archaic Indian Burial Mound in Labrador

Ancient burial mounds are usually associated with large, stable agricultural societies. Yet the oldest mound known, now found on a subarctic shore, was made by a band of hunters and gatherers...

By James A. Tuck and Robert J. McGhee


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