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Legal Abortion

The 10-year trend in many parts of the world toward the legalization of induced abortion has led to new studies of the practice, more open release of data, better medical procedures and lower mortality rates...

By Christopher Tietze and Sarah Lewit

Agriculture without Tillage

Within a few years much of the cropland in the U.S. will be planted without a moldboard plow. In most conditions planting without tillage (but with herbicides) can save labor, energy, water and soil...

By Glover B. Triplett and David M. Van Doren

The Quantum Mechanics of Black Holes

Black holes are often defined as areas from which nothing, not even light, can escape. There is good reason to believe, however, that particles can get out of them by "tunneling"

By S. W. Hawking

The Antibody Combining Site

When an antigen, or foreign substance, combines with an antibody molecule, it does so at a site that fits it precisely as a lock fits a key. The nature of this site has been worked out in considerable detail...

By J. Donald Capra and Allen B. Edmundson

The Perception of Moving Targets

Highly specialized nerve circuits enable the human visual system to separate information about the direction in which an object is moving from the details of the object's pattern

By Robert Sekuler and Eugene Levinson


They are electrons emitted by a fresh metal surface. Such surfaces are created by wear or by the cracking associated with metal fatigue; thus exoelectrons have become useful in the study of those processes...

By Ernest Rabinowicz

Cratering in the Solar System

The age of space exploration has shown that craters such as those on the moon are a feature of all the bodies in the inner solar system. Cratering is therefore one of the main keys to the system's history...

By William K. Hartmann

The Samaritans

Once the inhabitants of a rich and powerful kingdom, these followers of Moses now constitute perhaps the world's smallest ethnic minority. The forces that keep them isolated have also helped them to survive...

By Shemaryahu Talmon


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