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Cruise Missiles

This new category of inexpensive, highly accurate weapons presents a diflicult but not insuperable problem to arms-control negotiators: how to distinguish reliably between strategic and tactical versions...

By Kosta Tsipis

Phobos and Deimos

These tiny moons of the planet Mars have been viewed from close up by the Mariner and Viking spacecraft. They provide the first glimpse of the nature of the smaller bodies of the solar system...

By Joseph Veverka

A Frontier Post in Roman Britain

Vindolanda, near Hadrian's Wall, was a Roman garrison from the first century to the fifth. Oxygen-free burial has preserved a remarkable trove of wood, leather, textiles and writing in ink...

By Robin Birley

Global Satellite Communications

A 12-year-old system provides more than 400 microwave pathways to 80 countries. Its eight satellites stationed over three oceans now account for some two-thirds of all transoceanic communications...

By Burton I. Edelson

The Origin of Atherosclerosis

The monoclonal hypothesis, which holds that the proliferating cells of an atherosclerotic plaque all stem from one mutated cell, suggests new lines of research on the causes of coronary disease...

By Earl P. Benditt

Laser Separation of Isotopes

The isotopes of an element, ordinarily indistinguishable, can be sorted out in the monochromatic light of a laser. The process may make isotopes plentiful for medicine, research and nuclear power...

By Richard N. Zare

Social and Nonsocial Speech

In order to communicate effectively with others children must learn not only the language itself but also the use of social speech, which takes into account the knowledge and perspective of another person...

By Robert M. Krauss and Sam Glucksberg

The Response to Acetylcholine

When a nerve makes a muscle cell contract, it gives the cell a tiny squirt of acetylcholine. Receptors on the cell respond by opening so that ions can travel through the cell membrane

By Henry A. Lester


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