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The Disposal of Radioactive Wastes from Fission Reactors

A substantial body of evidence indicates that the high-level radioactive wastes generated by U.S. nuclear power plants can be stored satisfactorily in deep geological formations

By Bernard L. Cohen

The Uses of Synchrotron Radiation

Electrons traveling in a circular orbit at nearly the speed of light emit intense radiation at ultraviolet and X-ray wavelengths. Such radiation provides unmatched illumination for the study of matter...

By Ednor M. Rowe and John H. Weaver

Microbial Life in the Deep Sea

How is the metabolism of microbes influenced by the high pressures and low temperatures of the deep-sea environment? The question is investigated by experiments on the sea floor and in the laboratory...

By Carl O. Wirsen and Holger W. Jannasch

Bok Globules

They are spherical clouds of interstellar dust and gas that show up against a background of stars or of luminous gas. The evidence suggests that they are collapsing and may be stars in the making...

By Robert L. Dickman

Spatial Memory

Among the many things animals are able to remember is where they have been. Experiments with rats suggest that this kind of memory is localized in the region of the brain known as the hippocampus...

By David S. Olton

The Lesson of Retrolental Fibroplasia

This type of blindness was epidemic among premature infants in the 1950's. How the problem was solved by trial and error is a parable of the issues that arise in medical experimentation on human beings...

By William A. Silverman


These proteins found primarily in plants combine specifically with sugars on cell surfaces and hence bind cells together. They are key tools in the study of the role the cell surface plays in cell behavior...

By Nathan Sharon

Poetic Responses to the Copernican Revolution

English poetry of the 17th century imaginatively reflected man's new awareness of a vaster universe. Yet the poetic imagination was rooted in the past and in the end lost its place as a bridge to new knowledge...

By Margaret M. Byard


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