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The SALT Negotiations

Current strategic-arms-limitation talks can put a real ceiling on the quantitative arms race and restrain the qualitative race. A failure to do so may destabilize the present strategic balance...

By Herbert Scoville Jr.

BL Lacertae Objects

They are among the more remote and more luminous objects in the universe. The source of their radiation is a small nucleus (perhaps the size of the solar system) that may shine brighter than a galaxy...

By Michael J. Disney and Philippe Véron

Light-Wave Communications

The first commercial test of light-wave telephone service is under way in Chicago. The signals are dispatched over glass fibers in pulses generated by tiny solid-state light sources

By W. S. Boyle

The Flow of Heat from the Earth's Interior

A global heat-flow map can be drawn on the basis of thousands ofindividual field measurements on continents and ocean floors. The heat-flow pattern is interpreted in terms of plate tectonics...

By Henry N. Pollack and David S. Chapman


These hopping marsupial mammals have evolved in relative isolation for some 25 mIllion years. Their adaptive strategies closely parallel those of the hoofed mammals of the semiarid Old World grasslands...

By T. J. Dawson

The Gas Vacuoles of Blue-Green Algae

The cells of many water-dwelling species of these bacteriumlike organisms contain thousands of tiny cylindrical structures filled with gas. These structures serve to regulate the algae's buoyancy...

By A. E. Walsby

The History of the Airflow Car

As the first streamlined car, the Chrysler Airflow represented a milestone in automotive development. Although its sales were disappointing, it had a profound influence on automobile design...

By Howard S. Irwin

Second Messengers in the Brain

Nerve cells communicate by secreting neurotransmitters. These chemical messages are translated by "second messengers" within the cell into transient and longer-lasting physiological actions...

By Paul Greengard and James A. Nathanson


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