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World Oil Production

There is only a finite amount of oil and there are limits to the rate at which it can be recovered. Sometime before the year 2000 the decreasing supply of it will fail to meet the increasing demand

By Andrew R. Flower

Heavy Leptons

The class of elementary particles of matter that includes the electron and the muon has a new member: the tau. It may be the first in a sequence of charged heavy leptons

By Martin L. Perl and William T. Kirk

The Electronic Telephone

One of the few components of the telephone system that has been little touched by the revolution in electronics is the instrument itself A telephone based on integrated circuits is in the offing

By Peter P. Luff

The Surface of Mars

The Viking spacecraft have provided an unparalleled view of it from orbit and from the ground, adding much evidence on how it has been shaped by volcano, meteorite impact, water and wind

By Alan B. Binder, Kenneth L. Jones and Raymond E. Arvidson

The Flow of Energy in a Forest Ecosystem

Life on the earth is sustained by the finite amount of solar energy that is fixed by green plants. Quantitative study of the energetics of a forest has shown how this energy is partitioned and controlled

By F. Herbert Bormann, Gene E. Likens, James R. Gosz and Richard T. Holmes

How Cells Make ATP

The prevailing theory is the "chemiosmotic" one. Light or oxidation drives protons across a membrane; then the energy-rich compound ATP is formed as the protons flow back through a complex of enzymes

By Richard E. McCarty and Peter C. Hinkle

The Combinatorial Mathematics of Scheduling

What is the best way to organize work so that it is finished in the shortest possible time? Discoveries in mathematics and computer science reveal the values and limits of various scheduling methods

By Ronald L. Graham

Pieter Bruegel the Elder as a Guide to 16th-Century Technology

The great Flemish artist had a deep interest in the scientific concepts and the machines of his time. As a result many of his works offer rare glimpses of practical knowledge 400 years ago

By H. Arthur Klein


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