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The Gas Centrifuge

This machine separates the isotopes of uranium by spinning a gaseous uranium compound. It is expected to play a large role in the Carter Administration's effort to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons...

By Donald R. Olander

Stellar Winds

Stars of various sizes and types are observed to eject matter into space in a slow, steady stream. A number of mechanisms may be responsible for this surprisingly common phenomenon

By Ray J. Weymann

The Hominids of East Turkana

This region on the shore of Lake Turkana in northeastern Kenya is a treasure trove of fossils of early members of the genus Homo and their close relatives dating back 1.5 million years and more...

By Alan Walker and Richard E. F. Leakey

The Tomato

The esculent Lycopersicon esculentum, long thought to be poisonous, has become a major U.S. food crop and source of vitamins and minerals, thanks largely to genetic modification and new production technology...

By Charles M. Rick

Negative Absolute Temperatures

No substance can be cooled below absolute zero, but some physical systems can have a negative temperature on an absolute scale. Such temperatures are not colder than zero but are hotter than infinity...

By Warren G. Proctor

The Thermostat of Vertebrate Animals

The hypothalamus, a structure at the base of the brain, monitors body temperature in a wide variety of animals and maintains it at an optimal level by controlling thermoregulatory mechanisms...

By H. Craig Heller, Larry I. Crawshaw and Harold T. Hammel

The Tektite Problem

Did these peculiar bits of glass originate on the earth or on the moon, in volcanic activity or in meteorite impact? The evidence is conflicting and the most reasonable answer is a surprising one...

By John A. O'Keefe

Organisms that Capture Currents

A variety of species, from marine sponges to prairie dogs, have harnessed aerodynamic and hydrodynamic forces to increase the flow of air or water through themselves or their abodes

By Steven Vogel


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