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A New Strategy for Military Spending

An analysis of U.S. military forces finds that they so far exceed actual military needs as to be unsafe for the nation and the world. A program for prudently decreasing these forces is here described...

By Philip Morrison and Paul F. Walker

Brain Function and Blood Flow

Changes in the amount of blood flowing in areas of the human cerebral cortex, reflecting changes in the activity of those areas, are graphically revealed with the aid of a radioactive isotope...

By David H. Ingvar, Niels A. Lassen and Erik Skinhøj

The Upsilon Particle

Its unexpected discovery as the heaviest particle has prompted physicists to introduce a massive new quark, raising the number of these unobserved elementary subparticles from four to five...

By Leon M. Lederman

Fermat's Last Theorem

For 300 years mathematicians have tried without success to prove a theorem Pierre de Fermat asserted he could prove: No nth power can be the sum of two other nth powers, where n is greater than 2...

By Harold M. Edwards

Did a Supernova Trigger the Formation of the Solar System?

Isotopes found in a few primitive meteorites are probably debris from a massive star that apparently exploded near the developing solar system about a million years before the meteorites formed...

By David N. Schramm and Robert N. Clayton

The Prehistoric Ground Drawings of Peru

They look so much as if they were intended to be viewed from the air that they have stimulated much vivid speculation. The archaeological evidence indicates who made them and perhaps also why they were made...

By William H. Isbell

Pattern Formation in Biological Development

In the embryo of many organisms the differentiating cells become organized in space by first learning just where they are and then interpreting that information according to their genetic program...

By Lewis Wolpert

An Oceanic Mass Migration of Land Birds

Every fall millions of songbirds and small shorebirds leave the east coast of North America for the Caribbean and South America. Their difficult journey has now been followed with the aid of radar...

By Timothy C. Williams and Janet M. Williams


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