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Energy-Storage Systems

Energy reservoirs consisting of pumped water, compressed air, batteries and ways of storing heat and "cold" can do much to help coal, nuclear and solar energy replace substantial quantities of oil...

By Fritz R. Kalhammer

Implantable Drug-Delivery Systems

Many therapeutic drugs are most effective when they are delivered into the bloodstream steadily. Such delivery can be accomplished by the surgical implantation of a drug pellet, a reservoir or a pump...

By Perry J. Blackshear

Gene Transplantation and the Analysis of Development

Purified genes microinjected into an amphibian oocyte can be "read" accurately and abundantly. The oocyte may serve as a living test tube for studying the molecular details of gene regulation in development...

By J. B. Gurdon and E. M. De Robertis

Programming Languages

The nature of information processing has been transformed over the past 25 years by high-level programming languages, which provide a variety of mechanisms for encoding complex problems to be solved by computer...

By Jerome A. Feldman

The Neanderthals

They flourished from western Europe to central Asia between 75,000 and 35,000 years ago. The differences between them and later peoples are not as great as was once thought but still call for an explanation...

By Erik Trinkaus and William W. Howells

Electrical Responses Evoked from the Human Brain

Minute voltage shifts generated by the sensory regions of the brain can be recorded from the scalp. These recordings yield clues to the functioning of the human brain in health and neurological disease...

By David Regan

The Decay of the Vacuum

Near a superheavy atomic nucleus empty space may become unstable, with the result that matter and antimatter can be created without any input of energy. The process might soon be observed experimentally...

By Lewis P. Fulcher, Johann Rafelski and Abraham Klein


Airborne fragments from an erupting volcano, known collectively as tephra, come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and compositions. The study of tephra deposits assists in the dating of ancient events...

By Laurence R. Kittleman


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