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The Rise and Fall of Ischemic Heart Disease

In the U.S. the death rates attributed to heart attack and other results of the obstruction of the arteries that nourish the heart have fallen since the 1960's. Why they have is not understood...

By Reuel A. Stallones

Gene Amplification and Drug Resistance

Experiments on the development of drug resistance in cultured mammalian cells serve as a laboratory model of the mechanism whereby duplicate genes are created in the course of evolution

By Robert T. Schimke

The Discovery of a Gravitational Lens

A recently discovered pair of quasars turns out to be not a pair at all but two images of a single quasar formed by a gravitational lens: an elliptical galaxy halfway between the quasar and our own galaxy...

By Frederic H. Chaffee Jr.


Sugars and chains of sugar units are the most abundant consdtuent of living matter. New carbohydrates are still being discovered, as are new roles for them in normal biological processes and disease...

By Nathan Sharon

The Vestibular Apparatus

Balance and orientation depend on two organs of the inner ear: the semicircular canals and the otolith receptors. The system is multimodal in that it also requires inputs from other senses...

By Donald E. Parker

Superconductors in Electric-Power Technology

The exploitation of materials that carry current without loss has had to await the creation of superconductors that also withstand high current densities and strong magnetic fields

By T. H. Geballe and J. K. Hulm

The Peopling of the Pacific

It began 40,000 years ago with the first-known ocean voyages. How Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia were colonized later is suggested by linguistic, genetic and archaeological evidence...

By P. S. Bellwood

Chemical Reactions Without Solvation

Cnemical reactions are strongly influenced by the solvent medium in which they proceed. New techniques make it posslble to examine the behavior of "bare" chemical reactants in the absence of solvent...

By Robert T. McIver Jr.


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