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The Census of 1980

For the first time the population of rural areas and small towns grew faster than that of the metropolitan areas. The migration to the West and the South, begun during the 1960's, continued

By Philip M. Hauser

The Microchannel Image Intensifier

It is a glass wafer, perforated by millions of electron-multiplying tubes, resembling a compound eye. It can transform a dim pattern of electromagnetic radiation into a brightened, pointillist image

By Michael Lampton

Inducible Repair of DNA

Damage to the hereditary material switches on the "S0S response," in which several enzyme systems function in concert. Two proteins, RecA and LexA, play multiple roles in repairing genetic damage

By Paul Howard-Flanders

Rings in the Solar System

Three of the giant planets are now known to have them, and the rings around Saturn are now known to consist of myriad ringlets. The form of the rings is maintained by a complex interplay of sculpturing forces

By James B. Pollack and Jeffrey N. Cuzzi

The Fluid Phases of Matter

After a century-long effort to understand the structure of liquids and gases a successful theory has been based on one of the earliest and simplest models, in which the molecules are hard, inert spheres

By Douglas Henderson and J. A. Barker

The Color Patterns of Butterflies and Moths

The wing patterns are mosaics of tiny scales. A few simple rules guide the development of more than 100, 000 different patterns and provide an approach to the study of how animals develop

By H. Frederik Nijhout

The Lining of the Small Intestine

It was long assumed to be a passive tissue. Recent work has shown that the cells of the lining are covered by a membrane that actively digests foods and speeds nutrients into the blood

By Florence Moog

A 16th-Century Basque Whaling Station in Labrador

Less than 100 years after Columbus there was a thriving Spanish whaling industry in Canadian waters. For the first time evidence of it has been found in archives, on the shore and on the bottom

By James A. Tuck and Robert Grenier


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