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Illegal Migration

The influx of foreign workers probably does not damage the economy, but migrants denied the protection of the law and rendered vulnerable by their illegal status may pose a threat to the integrity of U.S...

By Charles B. Keely

The Search for Intermediate Vector Bosons

In theory these massive elementary particles are required to serve as the carriers of the weak nuclear force. They should be detected soon in the aftermath of collisions between protons and antiprotons...

By David B. Cline, Carlo Rubbia and Simon van der Meer

Rings of the Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream and other currents give rise to eddies that trap water whose physical and biological properties differ from those of the surrounding sea. Therefore the oceans are shifting mosaics...

By Peter H. Wiebe


They are genes that cause cancer. They were first found in viruses, but their evolutionary history implies that normal vertebrate cells have genes whose abnormal expression can lead to cancerous growth...

By J. Michael Bishop

Laser Applications in Manufacturing

Laser tools have found a secure place for drilling, cutting, welding, heat-treating and alloying. Their unique capacities also suggest new approaches to the system represented by a product and its production...

By Aldo V. La Rocca

Superclusters and Voids in the Distribution of Galaxies

Red-shift surveys of selected regions of the sky have established the existence of at least three enormous superclusters of galaxies. The surveys also reveal that huge volumes of space are quite empty...

By Stephen A. Gregory and Laird A. Thompson

The Infrared "Vision" of Snakes

Snakes of two famllies can detect and localize sources of infrared radiation. Infrared and visible-light information are integrated in the brain to yield a unique wide-spectrum picture of the world...

By Peter H. Hartline and Eric A. Newman


"Recreational" users who take the drug under controlled conditions often cannot distinguish it from other drugs or even from a placebo. Yet huge profits have made cocaine a major international commodity...

By Robert Byck and Craig Van Dyke


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