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The Space Telescope

The largest astronomical telescope designed to operate beyond the interfering effects of the earth's atmosphere is scheduled to be transported into orbit by the U.S. space shuttle in 1985...

By Lyman Spitzer and John N. Bahcall

Organic Superconductors

The ability to carry an electric current without resistance had been known only in metals. Now superconductivity is seen in organic crystals made up of Rat molecules in zigzag stacks

By Denis Jérome and Klaus Bechgaard

Ultralight Airplanes

The conjunction of the hang glider and the small engine has brought into being the "air recreational vehicle." A typical craft carries 200 pounds and cruises at 50 miles per hour

By Michael A. Markowski

Energetic Outflows from Young Stars

The radiation emitted by carbon monoxide molecules in clouds of gas and dust where new stars are forming discloses masses of gas moving outward at high velocity in opposed directions

By Charles J. Lada

DNA Topoisomerases

They are enzymes that convert rings of DNA from one topological form to another, linking them and even tying them in knots. The enzymes may take part in genetic replication and transcription...

By James C. Wang


Local perturbations of blood flow interact with the repetitive hydraulic stress generated 100,000 times a day by the heart to give rise to these balloonlike dilatations of an artery wall...

By Kaj Johansen

The Cooperative Breeding Behavior of the Green Woodhoopoe

Among these East African birds one pair in each Bock breed while the nonbreeding adults assist in the raising of the breeders' chicks. How did this pattern of seemingly altruistic animal behavior evolve?...

By J. David Ligon and Sandra H. Ligon

Renaissance Intarsia: The Art of Geometry

Intarsia is wood inlay. It flourished in the Renaissance, when it notably embodied the development of a mathematical procedure for representing the three-dimensional world in two dimensions...

By Alan Tormey and Judith Farr Tormey


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