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Carbon Dioxide and World Climate

That the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide is increasing now seems well established. As a result some latitudes could become warmer and wetter, but the effects may not all be bad

By Roger Revelle

Microbiological Mining

The central role of bacteria in the leaching of copper from low-grade ore long went unrecognized. The minerals industry now stands to gain from the application of novel methods of microbiological technology...

By Corale L. Brierley

The Coronas of Galaxies

Satellite observations indicate that the entire disk of our galaxy has an extended envelope of hot gas. The same appears to be true of other spiral galaxies

By Klaas S. de Boer and Blair D. Savage


It can now be understood as immunity gone wrong. Why hay-fever victims make antibody to a normally innocuous pollen is not clear, but the cellular and biochemical agents of the response are known...

By Paul D. Buisseret

Surface Diffusion

Atoms or molecules are strongly bound on a clean metal surface, but they can be surprisingly mobile in two dimensions. At low temperature they apparently "tunnel" from one site to the next...

By Robert Gomer

The Coevolution of a Butterfly and a Vine

Heliconius butterflies lay their eggs only on Passiflora Vines. In defense the vines seem to have evolved fake eggs that make it look to the butterflies as if eggs have already been laid on them...

By Lawrence E. Gilbert


The crust of the earth under the oceans is different from the crust of the continents. Ophiolites seem to be fragments of oceanic crust on land. They are thus clues to how oceanic crust forms and spreads...

By Ian G. Gass

The Galileo Affair

In arguing that the earth circles the sun Galileo adopted a mode of reasoning that led not only to his prosecution by the church but also to the new scientific methodology of hypothesis testing...

By Owen Gingerich


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