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A Bilateral Nuclear-Weapon Freeze

In many of the current elections in the U.S. there is a referendum on whether to urge a halt in the production of new nuclear weapons and delivery systems. The nature of such a freeze is discussed here...

By Randall Forsberg

The Harvesting of Interacting Species in a Natural Ecosystem

The changing populations of whales and other animals that feed on the knll of the Southern Ocean are an example of the problem of utilizing a biological resource without extinguishing species...

By John R. Beddington and Robert M. May

The Growth of Western North America

Over the past 200 million years the continent has been extended westward by repeated collisions with smaller land masses, some of which appear to have come from thousands of kilometers away...

By David L. Jones, Allan Cox, Peter Coney and Myrl Beck

A Genetic Switch in a Bacterial Virus

Two regulatory proteins interact with a region of viral DNA to turn one set of genes off and another on in response to an environmental change. The switch is described in terms of its molecular structure...

By Mark Ptashne, Alexander D. Johnson and Carl O. Pabo


They are "atoms of color," bound states of the particle that transmits the color force, the strongest force known. A few of them may have been detected in high-energy experiments

By Kenzo Ishikawa

The Ecological Physiology of a Garter Snake

In order to survive in the harsh environment of western Canada the red-sided garter snake has evolved a precisely timed cycle of physiology and behavior with several spectacular features...

By David Crews and William R. Garstka

The Physics of Kettledrums

The vibrations of a violin string form a harmonic series with a distinct pitch. The vibrations of an ideal membrane do not form such a series. How, then, can a kettledrum have a pitch?

By Thomas D. Rossing

The First Nuclear Industry

It flourished in the first third of the 20th century when the prized element was not uranium but radium. Tons of ore had to be mined and processed to extract a single gram

By Edward R. Landa


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