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Migration between the Core and the Periphery

For centuries the heavIly industrialized "core" regions of developed countries have drawn population from the nonindustrial "periphery." This long-standing trend was reversed for the first time in the 1970's...

By Daniel R. Vining Jr.

Radar Images of the Earth from Space

Orbiting radar systems capable of synthesizing images of the earth's surface from backscattered microwaves are providing new information about surface features

By Charles Elachi

The Development of Maps and Stripes in the Brain

In the human brain nerve cells form maps of their relations with the external world, and the maps are divided into stripes. How the stripes form is explored by creating a frog with three eyes...

By Margaret I. Law and Martha Constantine-Paton

Personal Computers

An account of their hardware, software, applications and current proliferation. By making computers accessible to untrained people they promise to bring about the long-heralded computer revolution...

By Amar Gupta and Hoo-min D. Toong

Samples of the Milky Way

Cosmic rays are nuclei from other regions of our galaxy. Satellite observations of such nuclei indicate that the isotopic composition of those regions differs from the composition of the solar system...

By Richard A. Mewaldt, Edward C. Stone and Mark E. Wiedenbeck

The Interaction of Moving Water and Sessile Organisms

A host of marine organisms live attached to the bottom close to the shore. They show a remarkable array of adaptations to the forces exerted by strong currents and crashing waves

By M. A. R. Koehl

The Search for Prime Numbers

Until recently the testing of a 100-digit number to determine whether it is prime or composite could have taken a century even with a large computer. Now it can be done in a minute

By Carl Pomerance

The Lamps of Cosa

The evolution of oil lamps, the chief indoor light of Classical civilization, is traced at one italian site for seven centuries. These humble artifacts are key clues to the culture of the time...

By Cleo Rickman Fitch


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