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The Law of the Sea

In December 119 nations signed the Convention on the Law of the Sea. The U.s. was not among them, but development programs under the new law will nonetheless be proceeding

By Elisabeth Mann Borgese


In most modern computers the routing of information is controlled at the lowest level by a microprogram: a set of stored instructions that functions in place of a completely "hard-wired" control system...

By David A. Patterson

The Script of the Indus Valley Civilization

One of the four earliest civilizations has a script that has long resisted decipherment. A start on deciphering it is now made on the basis of facts and inferences from the archaeological record...

By Walter A. Fairservis

Mitochondrial DNA

The cell's energy-generating organelle has its own genetic system. The organization of its genes and even its version of the "universal" genetic code are different from those of the nucleus and bacteria...

By Leslie A. Grivell

The Future of the Universe

A forecast for the expanding universe through the year 10 100 : All protons will decay, galaxies will form black holes and black holes will "evaporate." If the universe collapses, it may cycle...

By Duane A. Dicus, John R. Letaw, Doris C. Teplitz and Vigdor L. Teplitz

Memory in Food-Hoarding Birds

Birds that hide seeds and later recover them appear to excel in spatial memory. One species evidently remembers where it has put thousands of caches for as long as several months

By Sara J. Shettleworth

Oscillating Chemical Reactions

Once thought to violate natural law, reactions where concentrations of key substances periodically rise and fall have now been designed dehberately. They may illuminate simllar behavior in living systems...

By Irving R. Epstein, Kenneth Kustin, Patrick De Kepper and Mikls Orbn


Postmortem examination contributes in many ways to medical knowledge and the planning of health care. Yet in recent years the rate of autopsy in the U.S. has declined to only 15 percent

By Stephen A. Geller


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