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Smart Weapons in Naval Warfare

The impressive performance of precision-guided weapons in the Falkland Islands war calls into question current plans to add more large, expensive surface ships to the Us. Beet

By Paul F. Walker

Vibrations of the Atomic Nucleus

The nucleus can quiver, ring or even "breathe"; the coordinated motion of the nuclear particles reveals much about the forces between them. Six modes of vibration have been detected so far...

By George F. Bertsch

Microbodies in the Living Cell

A group of subcellular organelles linked by superficial structural similarities actually includes several distinct types, each having different sets of enzymes dedicated to different metabolic tasks...

By Christian de Duve

Modern Pork Production

Pork currently provides some 25 percent of the energy and 9 percent of the protein human beings get from animal sources. The interaction of economics and biology has given rise to a new kind of pig farming...

By Wilson G. Pond

New Inorganic Materials

Synthetic organic materials have come to play a key role in modern civilization, but unusual materials made out of sand, clay and other minerals have the advantage of requiring a smaller input of energy...

By Anthony Kelly and J. D. Birchall

Computer-Intensive Methods in Statistics

They replace standard assumptions about data with massive calculations. One method, the "bootstrap", has revised many previous estimates of the reliability of scientific inferences

By Persi Diaconis and Bradley Efron

The Social Influence of the Motte-and-Bailey Castle

The motte was a medieval mound fort; the bailey was an associated enclosure. Their appearance in the second half of the 10th century diminished central authority in Europe and gave rise to chivalry...

By Michel Bur

Sudden Cardiac Death: A Problem in Topology

Many sudden deaths are the result of fibrillation: a disruption of the coordinated contraction of heart muscle fibers. The cause may lie in a state of affairs described by a mathematical theorem...

By Arthur T. Winfree


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