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The Slowing of Urbanization in the U.S.

The rural population is growing as fast as the urban population for the first time. The geographic expansion and coalescence of urban areas, however, has led to the appearance of massive "supercities"...

By Diana DeAre and Larry Long

How Continents Break up

They rift apart over millions of years, and in the process they deform. A study of the rifting is beginning to reveal the properties of the plates that compose the earth's crust

By Gregory E. Vink and Vincent Courtillot

The Salmonid Fishes as a Natural Livestock

The remarkable genetic adaptability of this famlly, which includes salmon and trout, is making it possible to replenish depleted stocks, to establish new ones and to adapt the fishes for "ranching" operations...

By Timothy Joyner and Lauren R. Donaldson

Learning in a Marine Snail

Hermissenda can be conditioned, or trained to associate two stimuli. Neural mechanisms underlying associative learning have been defined in the snail, and they may not be very different in the human brain...

By Daniel L. Alkon

Microelectronic Packaging

Methods of housing, cooling and interconnecting the sllicon chips in a digital computer have an important bearing on the machine's performance. The aim is to fit the most chips in the least volume...

By Albert J. Blodgett

The Development of Palm Leaves

The compound leaves of plants usually arise either from differential growth or from selective cell death. Palm leaves, however, follow a developmental pathway that combines both of these processes...

By Donald R. Kaplan

Particles with Naked Beauty

The fifth quark, embodying the flavor known as beauty, has now been. seen in combination, with'ian antiquark not of its own flavor. The beauty of the new composite particles is accordingly exposed...

By Edward H. Thorndike, Nariman B. Mistry and Ronald A. Poling

Creole Languages

These widely scattered languages show stnking similarities. The development of Creole in Hawaii suggests chi1dren learn a language by first construcdng an abstract form of a creole

By Derek Bickerton


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