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The Uncertainties of a Preemptive Nuclear Attack

It is said that the U.S. needs new land-based missiles because its present ones are vulnerable to attack. Analysis of uncertainties in such an attack suggests that the vulnerability is exaggerated...

By Kosta Tsipis and Matthew Bunn

Slurry Pipelines

They currently serve to transport metal ores and coal suspended in water. Their greatest potential is for transporting coal from Western states to power stations in other parts of the country...

By Edward J. Wasp

Centaurus A: the Nearest Active Galaxy

Active galaxies are galaxies that radiate as much as a million times more energy than typical galaxies. The question of what powers the radiation is studied by observations of Centaurus A...

By Jack O. Burns and R. Marcus Price

A Molecular Basis of Cancer

Human cancers are initiated by oncogenes, altered versions of normal genes. In one case the critical alteration is a single point mutation that changes just one amino acid in the protein encoded by the gene...

By Robert A. Weinberg

Solid-State Superlattices

They are crystals grown by depositing semiconductors in layers whose thickness is measured in atoms. Their properties promise to make them important in solid-state physics and in technology...

By Gottfried H. Dhler

The Social Archaeology of Megalithic Monuments

The change from simple tombs to elaborate henges in the Neolithic period of western Europe appears to have coincided with the rise of centralized political control

By Colin Renfrew

A Seed-Eating Beetle's Adaptations to a Poisonous Seed

The beetle larvae feed on a seed containing an amino acid that is severely toxic to other insects. The larvae circumvent the toxic effect of the amino acid and also utilize its nitrogen

By Gerald A. Rosenthal

The Eruption of Krakatau

The explosions that obliterated most of the Indonesian island 100 years ago are only now beginning to be understood. The evidence is largely the volcanic deposits and the timing of air and sea waves...

By Peter Francis and Stephen Self


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