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Atomic Memory

Atomic systems that have decayed from some ordered states can be induced to recover their initial order. The degree to which order is restored allows investigation ofinteractions difficult to observe

By Richard G. Brewer and Erwin L. Hahn

How Embryonic Nerve Cells Recognize One Another

Developing neurons seek one another out and interconnect with high specificity. In the insect embryo they appear to do so by following pathways whose surface is labeled by specific recognition molecules

By Corey S. Goodman and Michael J. Bastiani

Prey Detection by the Sand Scorpion

This nocturnal hunter of the Mojave Desert does not see or hear the insects it feeds on. Instead it has receptors on its legs that are extraordinarily sensitive to subtle disturbances of the sand

By Philip H. Brownell

The World's Deepest Well

Now at 12,000 meters, a research well at Kola in the Soviet Arctic has revealed the cause of a seismic discontinuity and has pioneered drilling techniques for the deep exploration of the earth's crust

By Ye. A. Kozlovsky

Turning Something Over in the Mind

The imagined rotation of an object mirrors a physical rotation. The mental process can be investigated objectively, yielding quantitative information about one form of spatial thinking

By Lynn A. Cooper and Roger N. Shepard

The Spanish Ship of the Line

Pride of place among the greatest warships of the age of sail is generally accorded to the English. Yet Spain's "Santísima Trinidad" was the largest and most formidable ship of the era

By John D. Harbron


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