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The Verification of Compliance with Arms-Control Agreements

Military activities in the U.S.S.R. can be unilaterally monitored by the U.S. with the aid of a wide spectrum of remote-sensing technologies, including high-resolution satellite photography...

By David Hafemeister, Joseph J. Romm and Kosta Tsipis

The Volcanoes and Clouds of Venus

Radar maps of Venus and chemical analysis of its atmosphere and crust imply the existence of active volcanoes. The sulfur gases they release form a global cover of sulfuric acid clouds

By Ronald G. Prinn

Chromosome Translocations and Human Cancer

Chromosomes in a cell of the immune system sometimes "trade" segments of DNA. This process can activate cancer-causing genes by placing them near genetic sequences that enhance their activity...

By George Klein and Carlo M. Croce

The Hidden Dimensions of Spacetime

Spacetime, usually thought of as four-dimensional, may have as many as seven extra dimensions. Eleven-dimensional structures now under study might give a unified account of the four basic forces of nature...

By Daniel Z. Freedman and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen

Why Whales Leap

The action, which is called breaching, seems to be purposeful. It is associated with the social aspects of whale life and probably serves in communication

By Hal Whitehead

A Neolithic Fortress and Funeral Center

Excavations at Hambledon Hill in southwestern England reveal that in about 3600 B. C. elaborate funeral rites began to be carried out there. As the funeral center decayed, a huge fortress was built...

By R. J. Mercer

Ion Implantation of Surfaces

When foreign ions are embedded in the surface of a material, changes in structure and composition lead to novel surface properties. The technique is increasingly valuable both in industry and in fundamental research...

By Paul S. Peercy and S. Thomas Picraux

The Chemistry of Garlic and Onions

A number of curious sulfur compounds underlie the odor of garlic and the crying brought on by slicing an onion. The compounds also account for medical properties long ascribed to garlic and onions...

By Eric Block


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