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Sudden Cardiac Death

The heart can stop pumping virtually without warning. Immediate aid, provided either by emergency medical service personnel or by trained bystanders, can mean the difference between life and death...

By Mickey S. Eisenberg, Lawrence Bergner, Alfred P. Hallstrom and Richard O. Cummins


The composition of these membrane molecules changes dramatically with cell differentiation and the onset of cancer. Exploiting such changes could lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of cancer...

By Sen-itiroh Hakomori

The Climate of Mars

It started out much like the earth's early climate, but it evolved. differently. Once warm enough to support flowing water, Mars is now so cold that carbon dioxide freezes at the poles every winter...

By Robert M. Haberle

Aqueous Foams

They now have a wealth of uses, of which some are surprising. Yet the ability of a water-based liquid to become a frothy mass of bubbles requires a balance of forces not entirely understood...

By Andrew M. Kraynik, James H. Aubert and Peter B. Rand

The Cheetah in Genetic Peril

The world's fastest land animal is in a race for continued survival. An ancient population bottleneck has resulted in genetic uniformity and has made the species extremely vulnerable to ecological change...

By Stephen J. O'Brien, David E. Wildt and Mitchell Bush

Superconducting Tunnel Detectors in Radio Astronomy

A sensitive new radiation detector enables astronomers to explore regions of the universe hidden from optical telescopes, such as sites where stars are now being born

By David B. Rutledge and Thomas G. Phillips

Postglacial Foraging in the Forests of Europe

Hunting-and-gathering is often thought of as little more than the prelude to agriculture. A reevaluation suggests it was a parallel development that was as productive as early farming in some areas...

By Marek Zvelebil

Darwin as a Geologist

He tends to be viewed now as a biologist, but in his five years on the Beagle his main work was geology, and he saw himself as a geologist. His work contributed significantly to the field...

By Sandra Herbert


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