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Beyond the Era of Materials

The industrial nations now face a historic change: economic growth is no longer accompanied by increased consumption of basic materials. The economic outlook depends on the capacity to adapt to this shift...

By Eric D. Larson, Marc H. Ross and Robert H. Williams


These adhesive proteins act as biological organizers by holding cells in position and guiding their migration. Detailed analyses of fibronectins are revealing molecular bases for their functions...

By Richard O. Hynes

Is Nature Supersymmetric?

Supersymmetry could represent the next step in the quest for a few simple laws that explain the nature of matter. Physicists have been seeking evidence to test the theory

By Gordon L. Kane and Howard E. Haber

El Niño

This anomalous. warming of the sea surface in the equatorial Pacific is associated with a vast fluctuation in atmospheric pressure. Global changes in weather patterns are linked to the equatorial anomalies...

By Colin S. Ramage

The Heart as a Suction Pump

A new model suggests some energy from each contraction is stored within the muscle and provides the power for a suction that aids filling. The effect is amplified by the motion of the heart as a whole...

By Edmund H. Sonnenblick, Stephen M. Factor and Thomas F. Robinson

Sexual Selection in Bowerbirds

The bower, or mating site, of these extraordinary birds of Australia and New Guinea is the center of intense competition among males. The female's mating choice is based on its architectural adornment...

By Gerald Borgia

The Perception of Apparent Motion

When the motion of an intermittently seen object is ambiguous, the visual system resolves confusion by applying some tricks that reflect a built-in knowledge of properties of the physical world...

By Stuart M. Anstis and Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

Modern Windmills

The principles are ancient but the materials and the technology have changed. The chief function of modern mills is to generate electricity, thereby conserving fuel for conventional power plants...

By Louis V. Divone and Peter M. Moretti


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