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Potential New Crops

Buffalo gourd, crambe, jojoba and kenaf are approaching commercial production. A number of other plants show promise as sources of food and as industrial materials

By C. Wiley Hinman

Very Large Structures in the Universe

Clusters of galaxies make up enormous superclusters, which alternate in space with immense voids. Such structures were born in the high-energy interactions of the early universe

By Jack O. Burns

Anti-Idiotypes and Immunity

Anti-idiotype antibodies recognize the molecular individuality of other antibodies. They modulate the immune response and open the way to experimental and therapeutic manipulations of the immune system...

By Gordon R. Dreesman, Joseph L. Melnick and Ronald C. Kennedy

The Structure of Mountain Ranges

What holds mountains up? Some stand on plates of strong rock; others are buoyed by crustal roots reaching deep into the mantle. The latter may collapse when their flanks are not pushed together...

By Peter Molnar

Exotic Atomic Nuclei

They have abundances of neutrons and protons quite different from those in the nuclei found in nature. Their unusual properties are yielding new views of motions and structure within nuclear matter...

By J. A. Maruhn and J. H. Hamilton

Space, Time and Touch

Experiments show that slight variations in the timing of taps on the skin can produce wide fluctuations in the taps' perceived locations. These findings help to reveal how the central nervous system works...

By Carl E. Sherrick and Frank A. Geldard

Flight Simulation

Simulators are increasingly employed to train pilots for complex tasks. Generating the accompanying visual scene continues to present a challenge to computer technology

By Ralph Norman Haber

The Arthropod Cuticle

This complex covering accounts for much of the adaptive success of the arthropods. As its structure and chemistry become clearer, so do the properties allowing it to provide protection and support...

By Neil F. Hadley


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