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Transplantation in the Central Nervous System

Transplanted embryonic neurons can establish functional connections in the adult brain and spinal cord, long believed to be immutable In mammals. Such grafts might reverse damage from disease or injury...

By Alan Fine

The Strategic Nuclear Forces of Britain and France

They could more than quadruple in size by 1995. So far they have been exempt from any arms-limitation treaty, but it may be in the interests of both superpowers to include them in future arms talks...

By John Prados, Joel S. Wit and Michael J. Zagurek Jr.


These newly discovered materials embody a novel kind of order, in term edia te between crystalline and amorphous. Their structure can be understood through the mathematical theory of tiling...

By David R. Nelson

Progress in Laser Fusion

Infrared laser beams, converted to shorter wavelengths by optical crystals, may heat heavy hydrogen to 100 million degrees Celsius. Recent work suggests the technique could lead to useful fusion power...

By R. Stephen Craxton, Robert L. McCrory and John M. Soures

The Origin of Corn

Modern corn, the author argues, had not one ancestor but two: it is derived from a cross between a primitive corn and a perennial form of the wild grass teosinte. Breeding experiments support the theory...

By Paul C. Mangelsdorf

The Solar Cycle in Precambrian Time

Periodic signals encoded in layers of Australian rock some 680 million years ago promise to advance the understanding of the sun's cyclical activity and its terrestrial consequences

By George E. Williams

Thermal Niches of Striped Bass

It appears that the preferred water temperature changes with the age of the fish. Overcrowding in optimal zones may be the reason that certain populations fail to thrive

By Charles C. Coutant

The Emergence of Maya Civilization

It was once thought to have been sudden. That View has recently been overturned: it was a gradual process. Civilization came into being well before the beginning of the. Classic period in A.D...

By Norman Hammond


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